Thursday, March 31, 2011

Image Quality Is Important as a Model.

Anthony's Tips

As a professional Or Aspiring model you need to always keep quality images in your Modeling Portfolio and always continue to improve every Shoot.

Here are My Thoughts.

1. Image Balance Is Very Important in a Models Portfolio. The Type of Photos You Submit the Type of Quality of Photos you have in your Port.

2. U can't have a Great Photo On Thursday and Have a Horrible Photo On Friday...

3. You Need to Have Quality images Your Whole Career as a model To Improve your Portfolio Quality for Clients & Bookings.

4. If you are Sending a Client to Look at Your Portfolio they are Going 2 Look at the Overall Selection of Images Not Just One.

With that Being Said u Need to Set the Standard and always improve Ur Port with Excellent Imagery & Always Improving with Every Shoot.

Please Note: You have to always look for what's best in your image and always focus on moving forward and not backwards.

Take your time and Choose Quality Photographers that will help you establish a Quality Portfolio so you can have a Long Lasting career as a Professional Model.

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